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There are five main holidays or holiday periods for students every year: All Saints, Christmas, winter, Easter/spring, and summer break. Oral expression, communication, and self-awareness are encouraged.
Primary and secondary schools, higher education, language schools, and even international schools which are a popular choice for expat children in France, are also covered.So, from understating the education system in France, the grading system, all the way up to universities for your child, this guide ensures you have the information you need to successfully enroll your kids in the right school.France is known for having one of the best education systems in the world. Housing For more information on cookies and how to block them, visit

In fact, schooling is only required between the ages of six to 16. In French higher education, the following de Education Facts in France. With a nationally set curriculum and high academic standards, France’s school system offers traditional methods of learning. It is the perfect way to introduce them to the French language and ensure they do not fall behind during their primary school years.If you are wondering about the best primary and secondary schools for your child in France, there are some basics you will need to understand before starting on your research, comparing schools, and getting your child enrolled.Primary school, known as an elementary school in some places, is compulsory for children between the ages of six and eleven and is free. Relocating French universities are often keen on attracting foreign students. Être et savoir est le magazine de l’éducation de France Culture, du primaire à l’enseignement supérieur. It is the fourth most popular study abroad destination.Higher education is divided into three levels of diplomas:France is world-renowned for its impressive fine arts.

If you have never moved abroad, the process will be overwhelming, and if you have, you know the burden that lies ahead. As expats, we understand what you need, and offer the For any expat parent in France, finding the best schools and higher education will be top of mind. ... France 2014. InterEducation arranges quality training courses for teachers, English language courses and work experience for students and a wide variety of tailor-made educational visits to Britain and Ireland.InterEducation specialises in providing professional development courses for Erasmus+ funded European teachers.We also organise teacher training programmes on behalf of departments of education and teacher training institutes worldwide.Our team of expert teacher trainers has many years of experience in training EU-funded teachers and a wealth of inspiring ideas to impart.InterEducation offers an unusually wide variety of teacher development courses, not only for teachers of English and CLIL, but also for teachers of other subjects including science, music, art and drama, as well as for headteachers and inspectors and for special needs educators. They typically start kindergarten at the age of three, but some begin as young as two. Suivez en direct toute l'actualité "Education" : vivez l'info en live, en images et en vidéos. Keep in mind that preference may be given to some students over others based on nationality.Schools such as Montessori and Steiner-Waldorf schools focus on teaching their own educational philosophies yet are still recognized by the French state, and might even offer traditional qualifications such as the French With more than 3,500 higher education institutions, France’s university tuition fees are pretty affordable. This guide covers daycare and kindergarten as well, although this is not mandatory in France. April 10. Working

If the babysitter is a minor, the babysitter’s parents should be made aware of the work arrangements.

It is divided into five levels: If this is your child’s first time attending school, they will need to register at the local Between the ages of 11 and 15, French children attend middle school, which is also covered by the state. Toute l'info analysée & décryptée par France Inter : politique, société, culture, humour, musique, sciences… Écoutez la radio et Inter-venez ! InterEducation specialises in providing professional development courses for Erasmus+ funded European teachers. Erasmus+ Teachers' Courses.